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Lesson 3: Yacht Owner Expenses

Posted on: Sep 1, 2019 | Author: 平玩遊艇 - Quicksilver Boats
Lesson 3: Yacht Owner Expenses

Most people think that playing yachts is only a matter of wealthy people. In fact, they know how to play, and how to build small and medium-sized yachts, which are all about the truth, and the cost of washing a car is almost the same.
Let's take a 26-foot, 250-outboard engine as an example. I hope to help you understand the cost of raising a small yacht.
The general ship raising is mainly divided into five parts.
1. Parking fee
2. Oil fee
3. Maintenance 
4. Insurance
5. License fees
1. Parking: Generally, you can choose the parking space on the sea or the boat on the shore. The private mooring position is about $2000-$3000 per month. If you go to the yacht club, you can level it to about a thousand yuan. The yacht club's mooring position is generally full, and it may take two or three years for queue up. Therefore, after buying a boat, the first two or three years will be moored to a private mooring, such as the shore of the shipyard. The ship's frame is generally about $7000-$9000 per month. For example, the shore ship's rig at the D-boat (20-foot) shipyard is generally about $4000-$5000 per month.
Remark 1: The location of the boat will vary from rent to rent. The above prices are approximated by Sai Kung.
Remark 2: The yacht club's mooring position is required to enter the yacht club. The current flat yacht will be the Sai Kung HEBE Yacht Club. The entrance fee is HK$79,860 and the monthly fee is $1,223. All the yacht clubs can be used after joining the club. Facilities and services, including restaurant, dressing room, hot tub, squatting to the mooring, washing, shipyard, etc...
2. Oil fee: If you go back and forth to Sai Kung once to go to the South Wind Bay or the diving snorkeling spot of the diving snorkeling resort, the fuel oil fee will go back and forth about $400-500. If the diesel engine will be flatter, if you go far less. The Big Wave West Bay, which is known as the Maldives in Hong Kong, is about $700-800. In fact, it is almost the same as the consumption of a meal in a street market in Hong Kong on weekdays. But I forgot that the price is total for the boat. In addition to returning to the correct line, the rice cooker is flat.
3. Maintenance: Main maintenance, it is recommended to clean the ship and clean the bottom of the tank twice a year. The cost is about $2000-$3000. If the boat is used in winter, it can be cleaned one year before the summer and the bottom of the tanker once. It is best to take a wax once a year to protect the hull. The cost is about $3000-$4000. The rest is similar to that of a car. The main thing is to replace the zinc sheet (for erosion protection), water pump leaf, burner, oil and oil, cost. It won't be too expensive, unless the engine fails, but the outboard engine can rise above the water surface when it is not in use.
4. Insurance: Take the boat price of HK$700,000 as an example.
5. License fees: only a few hundred a year, a lot of car maintenance
I hope that everyone will have a deeper understanding of the yacht after finishing the third lesson~
So be sure to have a parking before you buy a boat.
In fact, the small and medium-sized yachts in the beaches are only a few thousand per month. It’s about the same as raising a car. But it’s much better than having a lot of fun. It’s like going to a foreign resort every day.

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