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Lesson 2 - Preparation for the novice driving yacht before sailing

Posted on: Aug 1, 2019 | Author: 平玩遊艇 - Quicksilver Boats | Categories: Yacht
Lesson 2 - Preparation for the novice driving yacht before sailing

Preparation for the novice driving yacht before sailing
1. Start inspection and navigation equipment, including car rudder, GPS, radar, AIS, various communication equipment, testers, etc., to ensure that all equipment can be used normally.

2. Check the condition of the engine, generator and other equipment to ensure that the equipment is in normal use.

3. Check that the automatic pump, manual pump, anchor chain and other equipment are in normal use.

4. Check the yacht's life-saving equipment such as life jackets, and understand the placement position, make it available at any time during emergency, and check whether the number of passengers is met.

5, check the yacht's fire equipment and survival equipment such as fire extinguishers, life-saving fire alarm tubes.

6. Understand the weather conditions, especially the weather conditions of the destination when making the voyage plan.

7. Check whether the yacht's fuel, water, food, emergency medicine and other items meet the needs of the voyage.

8, according to the weather conditions. The voyage plan of the yacht's endurance ability, etc., to understand the maritime data of the voyage passing through the sea, such as shoal, tide, water depth, navigation mark, reef and so on.

9. For drivers who are unfamiliar or have insufficient seafaring experience, do not use night flights as much as possible. If you need night flights, you need to have night-time equipment such as night flights.

10. The yacht needs to have a communication device such as a mobile phone to understand the emergency contact information of the sea area. Please see the figure below for the rescue process.

11. Inform the club, family or friends of this voyage plan

12. Others are prepared according to the actual conditions of the yacht.

13, with a happy mood, ready to sail to the sea!

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