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Lesson 1: Getting to know the yacht's common sense

Posted on: Jul 1, 2019 | Author: 平玩遊艇 - Quicksilver Boats | Categories: Yacht
Lesson 1: Getting to know the yacht's common sense

Lesson 1: Getting to know the yacht's common sense

In this article, we will provide some basic common sense about yachts...
Here is an introduction to knowing the introduction of yachts. I am going to come to a paragraph here. I look forward to your joining us and enjoying the natural beauty of yachting in the future - YACHT LIFE!

1. The history and name of the yacht:
I believe many people are unfamiliar with the word YACHT. It is said that this was about 1660. When a British prince inherited the throne, the people presented a hunting boat named "Yacht". Prior to this, the ships were made with practicality. Since the birth of Yacht, there has been a boat with a playful nature.

2. The difference between a yacht / cruise / cruise:
The yacht is equivalent to a private car, a private villa; a cruise ship is equivalent to a bus, a collective dormitory; a cruise ship is equivalent to a luxury bus, a star hotel.

3. Characteristics and distinction of small yachts:
Small yachts below 36 feet.
Features: structure, simple threshold, low draft, suitable for closed, semi-open water navigation.

4. Characteristics and size of medium-sized yachts:
Medium-sized yacht between 36 - 60 feet.
Features: Relatively complete functions, with a basic daily living function.

5. What is the difference between a flybridge and a sport yacht:
The flybridge yacht has more open space for activities, and enjoys the thrill of outdoor driving.
Due to its super-streamline appearance, the sporty yacht is popular among young people and emphasizes the performance of high horsepower.

6. What kinds of common ship bottoms? Which type of bottom shape is commonly used in yachts? What are the characteristics:
Common bottoms are flat bottom, catamaran type, shallow V type, deep V type.
(1) Flat-bottom type - mostly designed for small yachts.
Due to the shallow draft, poor wave breaking, and small water resistance, it is suitable for closed and semi-open water navigation, and is designed for the design of boats with speed.
(2) Double-hull bottom - used in medium and large yachts, designed for the connection of two deep V-shaped bottoms.
It makes the overall space feel wide, and it is not as good as the single ship type in terms of sailing performance. It is suitable for users who need space at home, business and leisure.
(3) Shallow V-type - The common bottom design of sports and leisure yachts.
When it comes to idling in the open waters to show medium and short distances, it still has the basic wave breaking performance in the face of swell.
(4) Deep V-type - The bottom design of the medium and large luxury yachts or large long-distance long-haul yachts.
This type of bottom has a sufficient draught depth, which can improve the ship's heading stability and wave breaking in the face of swells, so as to improve the comfort during navigation.

7. What are the common hull materials for yachts? What are the characteristics:
The common hull material for yachts is FRP (glass fiber composite). Although the price is high, the process technology is not high, the maintenance is simple, and the hull is light, and has the characteristics of high strength, water resistance and corrosion resistance. It has certain characteristics of elasticity, insulation, magnetic release and good overall performance.

8. What is the function of the ship primer? Why ship the ship primer:
Prevent the adhesion of microorganisms in the sea. Mainly because the bottom of the ship is easy to grow microorganisms such as seaweed, shellfish, etc. when used in seawater, causing the increase of water resistance during navigation to affect the power output efficiency.

9. What kind of color tone is generally used in yacht interiors:
Because the surrounding environment of the yacht is the cool color of sea water and lake water, unless the ship owner specifically requests the custom, the design of the yacht interior is mostly deep and warm, in order to seek a balance of visual senses.

10. What are the 6 major maintenance items for the yacht?
(1) bottom maintenance
(2) Anti-corrosion system replacement
(3) Drive, electronic system maintenance
(4) Maintenance of yacht glass and hull watertight structure
(5) Maintenance of other hardware accessories outside the yacht, internal maintenance of the yacht
(6) Outdoor wood product maintenance

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