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advertising of yacht There are no products in this category.

We provide sales of second hand used yachts, all contacts, boat ownership transfers, we help you deal with the inquiries, please call 9329 9828 or instant WhatsApp query

Just fill out the online application form, we will confirm the information is correct and we will advertise yacht sales for customers on the company's website and Facebook fanpage


Why choose us to sell your used yacht?

  • Hong Kong's well-known yacht platform Yacht Player, Google and yahoo searches for "yacht sale", "second-hand yacht", etc. are on top of first page, so that the public in Hong Kong can see the information of the yacht you sell
  • Greatly increase the exposure of the yacht you sell
  • Integrate all the information of the yacht you sell on our website and facebook fan pages
  • All contact, watch the ship, transfer, we will help you deal with it, the owner will easily wait for the money